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JFDI = Just F**king Do It

We believe in empowering our clients and partners to create their own successful companies.

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What We Value

Be Inspired

We do what we love and are connected to a greater purpose.

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Be Bold

We are direct with communication and say things how they are.

Be Loyal

We are always honest and as transparent as we can be.

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Be Entrepreneurial

We get shit done and we get it done well. We never settle.

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"Meaningful work and relationships come first."

Amir Marmar has spent over 15 years working in Accounting & Finance. Amir left corporate America with a vision to create an organization that would develop a new standard in financial services by integrating new technologies with the best practices. Today, global companies of all sizes trust JFDI as their accounting partner.


Why We're Here

Our mission is to help you and your company spend more time kicking ass and less time worrying about accounting and payroll. JFDI Accountants is dedicated to providing our clients with accurate results and delivering them in a timely fashion.

Who We Are
Tyler McKinney
Amir Marmar
Rockstar CEO
Katie Powers
Long Lee
Adventurous COO
Alvin Cole
Arlene Acuna-Yepes
Efficient Operations Coordinator
Katie Powers
Dylan Boynton
Ambitious Senior Staff Accountant
Alvin Cole
Moses Robicheau
Tenacious Staff Accountant
Tyler McKinney
Bernadette Sanda
Inquisitive Staff Accountant
Tyler McKinney
Ithonya Ramos
Witty Staff Accountant
Tyler McKinney
Mariah Agullana
Creative Staff Accountant
Tyler McKinney

Multi Industry Focused

To get the best results, you need to know the rules of the game. We've worked with companies of all kinds, which has allowed us to gain unique insights into each space. Here are a few.


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Phone Number: 8(800)316-06-42