Be Passionate

We care about you, your business and our work.
We go above and beyond to find ways to serve
you better.

Be Direct

Often times most people like to tell you what
you want to hear or take an indirect approach when
communicating their thoughts. However, we
more focus on telling it how it really is.

Be Loyal

The most successful business relationships are
ones that have matured and built trust over time.
We are always in it for the long haul.

Be Authentic

We proudly embrace who we are and what
we stand for #JFDI.

Be a Doer

We excel in completing tasks and never let
excuses stop us from taking action.


Having attained his Bachelors of Business Administration degree with a concentration in
accounting from Baruch College of New York in the year 2000, Amir Marmar spent his next
15 years working in the Accounting & Finance field in corporate America.

Later in the fall of 2012, Amir was tired of two things:

Accounting professionals at all levels of business who not only struggled to consistently deliver accurate results, but were resistant to adapt to new accounting standards.
Wantrepreneurs that were always talking about their Next Big Project, but never seemed to actually get anything done.

By founding JFDI Accountants, Amir hoped to provide entrepreneurs with a more effective, reliable and personalized alternative to financial services at below market pricing. Today, from California to New York, companies across the US trust JFDI to be their back office.

Just F**king Do It

We work with doers. If you are ready to take the next step and help your company succeed, then get in touch.